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The CDT in Molecules to Product is partnered with over 20 multinational, small and medium enterprises (SME) and national stakeholders and professional bodies. All students will have the opportunity to spend a minimum of three months at a collaborating partners site. Additional to this, a number of projects will be undertaken with one or more industrial partners. There will be further opportunities to undertake research collaborations and training placements at universities and organisations from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Quotes From Our Industry Partners

"Britest shares the Molecules to Product CDT’s vision of underpinning the chemical and pharma industries’ transition from “inventing, developing and manufacturing” to “designing and manufacturing” chemical and material based products. We passionately believe that this needs a whole-process understanding based approach to maximise the gains: to identify how best to model and design products and processes you need to think beyond the mechanistic what questions to understand why you are modelling.''
Senior Innovation Specialist at Britest, Rob Peeling says, “The Molecules to Product CDT is a valuable forum where Britest can  work with leading researchers and industry partners to advance and hone our methodology in this area, build case studies together, and contribute to the collective insight arising through new ideas, techniques and trends."

"At CCDC, we share the belief of the Molecules to Product CDT that a paradigm shift towards “design and supply” is essential to deliver the chemicals and materials of tomorrow. We believe that an understanding of structural science is central to this journey from molecule to product, and that the CDT is well situated at the interface of academia and industry to deliver the both the research outcomes and the people that are critical to this journey’s success.
The ambitious breadth of scientific research being undertaken at the Molecules to Product CDT makes it something really exciting to be a part of. I’m delighted that we’re a part of this collaborative network where we can share ideas and know that we’re tackling important industrial problems together."
Andy Maloney, Senior Research Scientist, CCDC